Wanhao FDM 3D Printer Duplicator 12, D12/300, With Single Extruder / Double Extruder Together

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Wanhao New FDM 3D Printer Duplicator 12 D12, D12/300, D12-300 3D Printer With Single Extruder / Double Extruder Together


300mm X 300mm X 400mm Build Area!


Product Name: D12/300

Max Printing Area : 300*300*400mm

Max Print Speed : 150mm/s

Software : CURA, rEPETIER host, Simplify 3D

Filament Diameter : 1.75mm

Material Support: PLA, PETG, any filament metlt =<260 C 

Machine Size: 33*52*50cm

Packing siez: 53.5*48*27.5cm

Extruder System : MK12 Single / Double together


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D12/300/400/500 User Manual      D12/300/400/500 Quick Installation Guidance



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