3D Printing Resin Red Wax, 250ml/500ml/1000ml/bottle

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1 Bottle Red Wax 3D Printing Resin 250/500/1000ml

Resins are formulated for all printers using the 405nm UV range.

Color: Skin

Technical Data

Recommended printing thickness: 0.025 ~ 0.1mm( 25 ~ 100μm)

Suitable wavelength: 395 ~ 420nm

Operating temperature: 30 +-5℃

Surface hardness: 75D

Density: 1.0-1.11 g/cm³

Viscosity: 250-350CPS(25℃)

Color : white,Clear, black, Gray

First layer exposure time: 5 ~15S

Single layer exposure time: 30 ~60S 

Shelf life: 12 Month

Fluidity: Moderate





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