Wanhao PA Filament 1.75MM

Wanhao PA Filament 1.75MM

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Wanhao PA Filament1.75MM

Polyamide (PA), also known as Nylon, is a kind of high molecular polymer containing amide groups in repeating units on the molecular backbone. Nylon can be made into all kinds of plastics, and can be brushed into fiber, can also be made into film, paint and adhesive, etc. Because nylon has good mechanical, heat resistance, wear resistance and other properties, products can be widely used in clothing, industrial supplies, automobiles, machinery, electronics and electrical, transportation, packaging industry and many other fields.

Material : PA

Diameter : 1.75mm 

Colors : 1 colors for choosing

Net Weight : 1KG/Roll 0.5KG/Roll

Gross Weight : 1.4KG/Roll

Packing Size : 22*22*7.5cm



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