1.How to install D7?


2.How to replace the LCD display of D7?

                 Instruction file download

3.How to level the building plate of D7?


4. How to replace the FEP film?


5. How to squeeze the air bubble out of D7 screen?


6. How to Rinse the D7 print by Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine?


7. How to turn on D7 UV light Manually?


8. How to fix the D7 PSU and motherboard blink?

                  Manual on fixing PSU and Motherboard blink

9. How to fix the print elongated?

        Manual on fixing print elongated.

10. How to replace the UV LED light?


11.How to bypass the fuse of D7 LCD driving board?

        Manual on fixing fuse

12.How to upgrade D7 V1.0 and V1.2 to V1.3?

                 Manual of upgrading pack

13.How to replace the lead screw nut?


14.How to reassemble the D7 rail?


15.How to replace the power switch of D7 V1.1-1.3?



16. D7 Firmware update with Cura


 17.How to install NanoDLP on D7?


18.How to install D7 Anti Wobble Kit?


19.How to adjust the wobble track?


 20.How to install the D7 box and print?



21. How to do LCD trouble shooting?


22. How to do Dry Run Feather Test?


23. How to install the V1.5 upgrading pack?


24. How to add support?


25. How to make a hollow print?


26. How to check the UV light lamp is well or not?


27. How to export the CWS file from WANHAO Workshop?



28. Duplicator 7 Plus


29- How to replace D7 plus LCD controller board

30. Resetting D7 Plus TF Card


31.Loosing D7Plus Control Panel's Screws?

32 Flashing D7 box (D7 Plus) Screen

33. How to trouble shooting the D7 Box(freezing and Boot failure)?


34. D7 Box Power Brick


35. How to calibrate D7 box screen?

36- How to replace D7 LCD Screen

Please note that the splitter board in the video has changed.


 37.How to put back the spring into anti backlash


38. Resetting D7 LCD Cable

39- How to calibrate resin with D7 Box and D7 Plus

 40. D7 EndStop Troubleshooting

41. D7 does not power on troubleshooting.

42. D7 Vat bolts

43. D7 Plus Firmware Flashing

 44. How to revoke license on D7/ D8 wanhao work shop?



45. How to deal with License not accepted?


46.How to move software from one computer to another computer?

47. D7plus touching screen firmware.