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Laser Machine Laser Printer M2 Mini

Laser Machine Laser Printer M2 Mini

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Single Arm Laser Engraving Machine


Working Area : 180x190 mm

Min Engraving Speed: 40 mm/min

Max Engraving Speed: 10000 mm/min

Frame materials: Independent research and development of special new profiles

End-Stops - Limit Switches: Mechanical X and Y Limit switches

Timing Belt: GT2 6mm, 2mm Pitch (60cm)

Stepper Motors: Nema 17HS Series

X-axis: 42mmx38mm - 30mm D Shaft

Y-axis:: 42mmx29mm - 24mm D Shaft

Sprocket: 16mm - 20 Tooth

Y Axis Synchronization Shaft: 5mm Stainless Steel


Maximum thickness that can be cut in one pass:
Laser Module 5.5W 10W
Basswood Plywood 4mm 10mm
Cherry Wood 3mm 10mm
Walnut Wood 3mm 8mm
Fraxinus Mandshurica Wood 3mm 8mm
Black Acrylic 2mm 8mm
Technical Parameters
Luminous Color Blue Blue
Laser Electric Power 10W 20W
Laser Module Output Power 5.5W 10W
Laser Spot 0.069 mm 0.069 mm
Wavelength 450±5nm 450±5nm
Routing Speed 160 mm/s 160 mm/s
Working Voltage 12V 12V
Safe temperature range <55  <55 
TTL&PWM Modulation YES, Compatible with Both TTL & PWM Modulation YES, Compatible with Both TTL & PWM Modulation

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