Unboxing D8

      Preparing a Zip File

 D8 Print Test

 1. Understanding Exposure time?

    This file has nocommercial use and is only for gaining printing skills.

2. How to update D8 firmware through Wifi? 

     Manuel      Video instruction

3. D8 Screen Flickering?

4. How to Replace D8 Vat FEP film?

5. How to open D8 Front Panel?


6. How to open D8 Back Panel?

7. How to Troubleshooting D8 LCD Screen?


 Manual Guide

 8. How to Replacing D8 HDMI cable?

9. How to Use Clean Tank feature?

10. How to replace D8 LCD Screen?


11. Replacing Curing Box Motherboard

12. Rebooting Duplicator 8? (if the printer freezes)

13. STL WiFi Drop

14. Removing File fromSTLWIFI DROP

15.Howto ReplaceUV arrayboard?

16. Troubleshooting D8UVArrayBoard


17.LED ArrayLens

18-ReplacingD8 LED Bulb

19. Howtopaste LCD Screen Tapes?

20.How to re-align the Z axis of D8?

21. How to replace the UV array LED board?

22. How to secure the bolts under the Z axis beam?

23. How to increase the Motor power of D8 Z axis?

24. What is correct setting(profile) for D8? Please print the testing sample below. And download basic setting.

                               Basic D8 profile(setting)


25. How to deal with License not accepted?


26. The connector specification of D8

27. How to determine the " dead LCD" is working or not? 

28. How to replace the Ball screw to normal 8mm screw? 


29. How to fine tune the D8 leveling?

30. How to fix the printing Screen Flicking issue?