We believe WANHAO can provide more professional service and better up to date affordable 3D printer to awesome people all over the world.

Featured collection

Featured collection

  • Reduce energy consumption by 80%

  • Activated carbon filter absorbs

  • 50dB silent mode only

  • Architectural model design

    Designers can make corrections to the building after printing the drawings, which is beneficial to increase the success rate and modification

  • Manufacturing

    Mass production of product accessories and related assembly parts, the use of special consumables can meet the relative hardness and use

  • Jewelry industry

    Using high-temperature-resistant resin consumables, the 3D printed model can be opened and cast, and it can also be used to check whether the design manuscript is in normal use.

  • Aerospace

    With the advancement of science, high-precision 3D printer technology has been introduced into aerospace, and many special materials can be used for the production of spacecraft parts, saving a lot of manufacturing time

  • Anime Costume Design

    It's amazing that you can create the costume props that appear in the animated movie with your own hands and wear it on your body

  • Biomedical

    Let people with disabilities have a new life and bring happiness to more children in need. 3D printing could give more physically disabled people a second life

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  • 3DPrintBeginner

    “I kind of like the Wanhao Duplicator D12/230. It’s a complete printer which is great for beginners because it comes mostly pre-assembled, and the required assembly process is well documented. It’s noticeable that Wanhao takes more care when it comes to quality control and documentation compared to other manufacturers which is nice to see.

    I would recommend getting the Wanhao Duplicator D12/230 if you are 100% that you will use the dual-color feature quite often.”

  • Bob

    "This Mask is a 3D Printed Winter Soldier mask from Capital America Civil War, I have modified the mask by adding two Transparent OLED Displays as the eyes of the Mask. This are 128×64 pixels OLED see through displays fromDFRobot.comwhich I am using for showing few animations. Since the display are transparent I can see through them even when the pixels are on.
    The transparent display are two way display, means the image is visible on the both side but inverted at one side.”

  • Man Jin Kim

    ”Almost ready...
    I will begin to make mold on next week:)

    Special thanks toChristopher MroskoUsed 3D Printer : Wanhao Resin printer

    Ready for paint— withChen GaryandChristopher Mrosko.”