Wanahao Resin 3D Printer CGR, Use 4K 8.9inch LCD, With high resolution

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Wanahao Resin 3D Printer CGR, Use 4K 8.9inch LCD, With high resolution

Technical Specifications  
Machine Type DLP (Digital Light Processing) LCD 3D Printer
Max printable area 192*120*180mm(7.5
Accuracy X 0.075mm(75um)
Y 0.075mm(75um)
Z 0.010mm(10um)
Printing speed 10-40mm/hr
Optical Uniformity UV LED array( Maxim) Design with 90% Optical Uniformity
UV Type 405 nm UV lamp, 
Packing size(cm) 470*460*575mm
Enclosure Type Tilt Hood with UV safe glass
Net Weight(kg) 22kg
Gross Weight(kg) 28kg
Z axis movement Reinforced double linear guide with Gap eliminated ball screw
Screen Customize 4K LCD
Light UV LED Array design(150W, 405nm)
End stop sensor Optical Endstop(sensitive to 2um)
Vat Teflon vat( 10 times life span than traditional PDMS)
Software Chitubox
Workmanship Build with CNC machining parts and Aviation Grade aluminum alloy. 
Cooling system Build in 6 silent super cooling fan
Temperature monitor Build in temperature monitor system provide on time monitoring and warning notice.
Leveling monitor system Build in leveling monitor, leveling before you print
Material supported 405nm Resin
Max printing speed Up to 60mm/hour


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