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Wanhao D7 Workshop Software

Wanhao D7 Workshop Software

Обычная цена $120.00 USD
Обычная цена Цена со скидкой $120.00 USD
Распродажа Продано
2 x 1 liters standard resin without software

There is no need to buy a license key any more.

1-For your information, Lychee Slicer 3.2.1 that just been released, is now supporting the Wanhao D7, D8, and GR1 3D printers! You can download the software at this URL: https://mango3d.io/downloads/

2-There's no license requirement on Chitu box. Anyone can download and use Chitubox. https://www.wanhao3dprinter.com/Down/ShowArticle.asp?ArticleID=188 


Wanhao D7 Workshop Software

Slicer software for the Wanhao D7 & other compatible printers.

Notice: Every D7/Plus has one license code on the User Manual (Effective since 9th Nov 2018).

You are able to get ONE free license from WANHAO.STORE when you purchase 2 bottles WANHAO resin as well, for those who bought prior to the release date.


 Video Guidance on Installation and Print


1. Workshop D7/plus  USD29.9/license. For free software, check option below.

2. 2 bottles standard Wanhao Resin with FREE SOFTWARE WANHAO WORKSHOP V1.1.

Standard 1 liter resin  USD39/liter,   shipping cost USD32,  total USD110.   For promotion, you only need to pay USD120

Water Washable 1 liter resin  USD49/liter,   shipping cost USD32,  total USD130.   For promotion, you only need to pay USD130



1. How many days shall I receive the resin?

Please leave your detail address, email and phone number at Note column,  we shall send the resin out within 5 working days. You are supposed to receive the cargo within 7-15 days. 

2. How can I receive the license?

   We send you through Email after 9th Nov 2018. 

3. Can I return the resin, if I don't like the color or don't want the resin.

   The return shipping cost is at customer side. And the licence would be expired when returning. 

4. If I have question where shall I contact?

    For software, please click-online service on software.  Or email us:                   support@wanhao3dprinter.com

5. How many computer can I install with one license?

    One licence is only for one computer.

6. When can I expect the license after my payment?

    We usually send the license within 24 hours through email. 

Return policy. 

This product do not support Return.  Once activate the code, can not be refunded. 





Shipping & Returns


Care Instructions

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