1.How to assemble the D9?

2- How to replace the auto leveling prob and adjust the prob for right distance?


3- How to install D9 LCD Firmware and motherboard firmware?

 Instruction        Video

4- How to calibrate D9 Screen?


5- How to Level D9 bed?


6- How to replace D9 motherboard?


7-How to Replace D9 Print bed Wheels?


8 How to insulate the splitter/inter board by washers?


9. How to push the D9 rubber wheel back onto the bearing?


10. How to replace wheels?

11.How to Fix Z offset issue if nozzle is too low that dig into bed?


12.How to Replace D9 PTFE tube?



13. How to Replace D9 Hot end?  Full Metal hot end( work at 260-300°C)/ PTFE hot end(180-260°C).


14. How to Replace D9 Heating Tube?

15. How to Replace D9 Thermistor?

 16. How to change D9 500 Nozzle Size in Cura?


17. How to insert SD card into D9? 

 18. How to Flash Firmware and Print through USB link?

19. How to replace the splitter board( inter-board)?

 20. How to add new Cura into Wanhao Cura 16.021?

 21. How to Upgrade D9 with RIB (Strengthen bars)?


Notice:D9 300 and 400 have the same size Ribs and share same Strengthen Bar for installation. Only D9 500 has a different one.

On your D9 400 You need to tighten the Ribs on where it stands using the bolts.


22. How to Troubleshoot Z axis stuck?

23. D9 Power Break

24. BL Touch Error

25. D9 Print bed Carriage

26. D9 BLTouch doesn't Work? 

6.Duplicator 9 Mark II assembly 



27.WANHAO CALL for  free upgrading D9/300  

Scope: D9/300 produced before 27th July 2018.

Series No.between 20180201001-20180727032 


It's our design issue.  We use the Mos chip for sensor which work at max limitation, if the electricity vary hugely, the mos chip would be burn and lost function that Z axis only move up and the distancsensor keep.   We have change it to triode to have 5A  more buffer.

      Solution:  To change the Splitter board( inter-board).   Wanhao provide free upgrading pack

                     (Including one splitter board, 2 white washer, 2 M3*6mm bolt) 


      1.  Please email your local distributor or WANHAO CHINA( Coco@wanhao3dprinter.com) with following information:

          A.  When and where did you purchase the printer?  Provide the proof of invoice or screen shot.

          B.  What is your name, address and phone number?  We ship FREE UPGRADING PACK by express mail within 10 days.

          C.  If you also need the FREE D9/300 RIB(strengthen bar, VALID until 20th Sept 2018), 

               please remit the shipping cost USD30 to our

               paypal account:  sales@wanhao3dprinter.com  Then write the transaction No. in the email.



       Recall Video                                        Upgrading Pack/How to upgrade

 28. How to replace the BL touch Pin?


29. How to clean the extruder Jam?

30. How to adjust the self tension system on X axis?

31. How to do primary leveling on D9?

32. How to clean the extruder clog of D9?

33. How to reverse install the motor?