Duplicator D9 MK2 Upgrade Package

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Duplicator D9 MK2 Upgrade Package:

We provide 3 options for the different machine models. 

1. D9/300 MK2 UPGRADING PACK    USD118/set

2. D9/400 MK2 UPGRADING PACK    USD118/set

3. D9/500 MK2 UPGRADING PACK    USD118/set

If you don't need the Strengthen Ribs. You can deduct USD20/set. 


Please select the corresponding freight.


What's Included                       Picture Comparison


Video Manual

  Video Installation BL touch

 Video Installation Splitter board


Video Installation cooling fan


Video Installation Y beam D9/400


Motherboard firmware: 

LCD display firmwareD9/300LCD     Motherboard fimware300V1.1.3.hex

LCD display firmwareD9/400LCD     Motherboard fimware400V1.1.3.hex

LCD display firmwareD9/500LCD     Motherboard fimware500V1.1.3.hex

Manual Installation Guidance    Video Guidance


 Pack Pic

D9/300 upgrading pack

D9/400 upgrading pack

D9/500 upgrading pack


Return policy:  This kit don't support return.  Please consider before placing order.

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